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I am a professional Screenwriter, script editor and lecturer with over twenty years experience and over 500 broadcast credits .

I am currently in-house at Home and Away. Other credits include Rocky & Me, Emmerdale, Help I’m a Teenage OutlawDani’s House and even Fireman Sam

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Script Expert

Holly is a screenwriter with extensive experience in Australia and the UK – she has over 500 hours of broadcast credits, as a writer or script editor.

Pitching Wizard

Holly has pitched her original series ideas many times successfully – and unsuccessfully – throughout her career. She once pitched her original television series, “Hamlette’s Diner” in Paris.

Screenwriting Tutor

Holly lectured screenwriting at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School from 2014 – 2018, with outstanding feedback from students.

Industry Mentor

Holly is committed to supporting emerging writers. During her five years as a lecturer at the Australian, Film, Television and Radio School, Holly mentored countless students.


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