Art and Science of Pitching 2020
Holly was an excellent presenter with a wealth of practical knowledge. I found her honesty and humour great and her real world experience was invaluable. She gave permission to approach pitching completely differently….not necessarily having to conform. The fact that she was extremely practical was really useful…sometimes seminars can err on the side of being too general.

Rachael Turk

Key plotting skills workshop, 2020

Holly makes plotting look elegant and fun. Always with a sense of the infinitely possible.

Sam Wang

Pitch Documents that Sell; AFTRS 2019; South Pacific Pictures' Big Pitch Winner

Holly is absolutely amazing! She gave me the tools and insight to completely reframe a project I’d been pitching for a year but was always falling just short. With her help, we won the South Pacific Pictures’ Big Pitch Competition a month later in Auckland. Thanks for taking us to the next level!

Tommy James Green

Pitch Documents with Power, workshop 2020
Holly’s online course on what goes into a great 2-page pitch document was concise, insightful and full of her trademark charm. She left me feeling enlightened and encouraged. She’s the best!

Gemma Grey

Key Plotting skills Workshop, 2020

Holly made breaking down a script really easy and accessible. This course gave me more confidence in my basic structure so completing something is so much more achievable!!!

Lisa O'Meara

We are receiving the most glowing reviews. All their responses have rated Holly 5 out of 5.

Amy Stewart


I have actively sought out Holly to provide feedback on a number of my scripts over the years because I know she is exceptional at what she does. Her notes are always detailed, insightful, and uplifting – they make me feel excited to take my scripts to the next draft. She is fantastic at helping keep character motivations strong, punching up dialogue, and paying off plot points – and she can do that for a range of different genres!

Alex Vickery-Howe

Award Winning Screenwriter

Holly provided constructive and supportive feedback that was both ‘big picture’ as well as specific to key moments within scenes. She is an ideal sounding board for an emerging screenwriter as she understands how to help an author tell their story – rather than try, as many editors do, to speak through them. Having Holly’s eyes on a project is a major asset.

Beth Shepherd


Holly’s assessment of my writing was spot-on. She saw where and why I was struggling and offered some really useful suggestions on how to more fully develop my story. I felt re-energised and excited about my work again after my session with Holly.

Kellie Jennar

Writer, Producer & Filmmaker

Holly is one of those rare people that can deliver critical feedback in a way that makes you laugh and inspired to continue on your writing journey. Holly is an intelligent and intuitive assessor who gets to the heart of any story problem quickly in an articulate and professional manner.

Chris Aronsten


Holly gave me detailed, nuanced and very astute notes on a screenplay I have been working on for a long time. Her feedback was positive, constructive and very stimulating in terms of the number of new ideas it generated, and because it completely re-invigorated me and reminded me why I started writing the script in the first place. Writing can be lonely, and expert feedback is essential for every project. I can highly recommend Holly for her care, professionalism and expertise.

Dave Bloustein

Writer, Comedian & Educator

Holly Lyons is a genius. Her feedback was clear, insightful and supportive, pinpointing both the highlights and omissions in my pitch materials. I can’t recommend her enough.

Dan Haberfield


Holly’s assessment of my TV pilot script Bobby Mac was a key influence for “adding the flesh to the skeleton” of my story. Her clear, concise and well-articulated feedback took me from a lively first draft to a polished second draft within a matter of weeks. I highly recommend her services.

Lisa O'Meara


Holly gave some very real world advice and she delivered her pitching workshop with great energy. There was a lot to take in. I learned so much.

Sarah Bassiuoni

Director, Writer & Researcher

Holly is a woman who gives her all to everything. She considers every aspect and gives detailed, considered feedback in a positive and energetic manner. Holly always asks questions that highlight where improvements can be made and pushes you to seek the most fulfilling story option. Her insights come from a foundation of impeccable experience and understanding of screen language and story structure. She enriches not just your project but you – her energy is infectious.

Romina Accurso

Freelance Script Writer

I first met Holly as Script Co-ordinator on Home and Away. Holly has continued to guide me through my career. She is a dedicated mentor, taking great pleasure in seeing others succeed. Recently she read the pilot script for a show I’ve created, and gave me excellent written notes on how to move the next draft forward. She also had some great suggestions on research options available.

Kathy Petrakis

Script Writer

Holly Lyons was recommended to me and with good reason. Her suggestions were on point and she was both positive and challenging, pushing me to do better and look deeper into the characters’ journey. The script was updated and is now being developed as a stage play!

Amelia Wasserman


I found Holly Lyons’ Screenwriting Scriptease Script Assesment Service on the wonderful Women in Telly Facebook page and I’m so glad I did! I was between my second and third draft on a feature script and was really stuck as to how to make it stronger. It was like Holly had x-ray vision and could see exactly what needed to be done to take the script to the next level. Thanks to Holly I have gone from never wanting to see that script again to being completely jazzed about diving back in! If you find yourself staring aimlessly at your script unsure how to tackle the seemingly endless roadblocks then hire Holly! I can’t recommend her enough!

Joey Richards


Holly has such a wonderfully insight. She goes above and beyond with her assessments. I have always feel that Holly cares about my script and it’s very clear that she takes the time to understand my concepts. I feel so motivated after receiving my assessments, and am always eager to apply her suggestions. Holly encourages you by highlighting your strengths as a writers, and offers clear advice about how to improve your work. For me, Holly really helped to tighten my scripts and ensure that my work was chockablock filled with story! Holly also gave me the confidence to push my script further in particular directions. I could not recommend using Holly more, my work is the better for it, and I am a better screenwriter because of her advice and guidance!

Joanna Beveridge


Holly recently helped me out with a script assessment that needed a very tight turn around. Not only was she quick, but her insights, suggestions and enthusiasm towards making my pilot script better was highly motivating (and let’s be honest… sometimes getting notes can get you down so I find this to be a rare quality that needs to be applauded).

I came out the other side of reading her assessment feeling confident that my story was about to get significantly better. And I didn’t have to find “the note behind the note”. I just understood!

I know I sometimes struggle with structure, so finding someone who has a knack for picking up those issues and more is a blessing and I’ll definitely be using Holly again in the future. THANK YOU HOLLY!

Lâle Sonora

Screenwriter & Montemiller Winner

Holly is an incredibly insightful, wise and supportive script editor. Her feedback is clear and on point. I understand completely what i need to do in my next draft and thank Holly for helping me get to that stage.☀️♥

Tommy Green

Actor & Screenwriter

Holly’s online course on what goes into a great 2-page pitch document was concise, insightful and full of her trademark charm. She proved that the online format is perfectly effective, and left me feeling enlightened and encouraged. She’s the best!

Sunny Grace

Pitching Workshop 2020, AACTA winner

I attended Holly’s pitching workshop recently and found it extremely useful especially having to pitch via zoom to the rest of the group and Holly. Pitching has always made me nervous but Holly’s techniques helped me find focus and confidence in my approach. So much so that a few weeks later I pitched to the AACTA mini short film pitch competition and won! Highly recommend all writer’s doing this course especially as we have to pitch via zoom these days.

Kyle Petmazakis Smith

Secrets to Writing Serial Drama workshop, 2020


Holly is an absolute wealth of knowledge and super invested in helping her students understand the processes and intricacies of serial drama scriptwriting.

I participated in Holly’s ‘serial drama’ scripting workshop which I found to be incredibly insightful.

Following the practical scriptwriting exercise, Holly provided very thoughtful and considered feedback, which has helped me as a writer to hone my craft.

Holly’s experience and unique perspective are invaluable.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in exploring scriptwriting for the Aussie TV landscape.

Candice D’Arcy

Intermediate Plotting Skills workshop, 2020

I recently did Holly’s Intermediate Plotting Skills webinar and found it incredibly useful. Not only did the workshop session provide nuggets of gold and a-ha! moments that I will definitely use going forward, but the subsequent plotting exercise and her deep and insightful feedback proved invaluable. Holly really knows her stuff! I would highly recommend doing one of her workshops. Thank you Holly!

Linda Gao

Intermediate Plotting Skills workshop, 2020

I completed Holly’s Intermediate Plotting Skills workshop and found it incredibly helpful. Her class was very incisive, laying out clear and structured plotting advice that has obviously been learnt through years of experience. And getting one-on-one feedback for my homework task was invaluable – her notes were super helpful and I will definitely take them with me going forward. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to take one of her classes! Thank you Holly!

Joanna Thyer

I found I got way more than my money’s worth with Holly’s feedback on my screenplay. Her help was constructive and suggestions were succinct and really helpful. I have had other assessments before but hers was by far the best. Her vast experience in the industry is also a plus since she has had the experience in television both in Australia and overseas. I found her fully engaged and affirming in the process of critiquing my work. Highly recommended.

Suzanne Connors

Having completed two online workshops with Holly I highly recommend her screenwriting expertise and experience. As an emerging screenwriter I have found her detailed feedback invaluable. She provides clear objectives and helpful advice, which has given me the boost needed to advance my project.

Sophie Kesoglidis

I recently undertook Holly’s Comedy Class. The initial lecture session was well organized with reference materials and watch lists, that meant we could get the most out of the class. She also provided a PDF of the session notes that meant we could all focus on the discussion as it evolved instead of scrambling to write notes. What really caught my attention about this course was the chance to have a session after the initial lecture where Holly gave feedback on a Spec Beat Outline of Brooklyn Nine Nine. The follow up session was so helpful in terms of specific questions I had from doing the homework. I felt I could apply what I learnt to my original concept too. I feel Holly made the most of the time and her passion for the craft of writing was evident throughout. For a chance to focus on a specific genre, I can’t recommend her class enough! Thank you.


I had the pleasure of attending a writers room facilitated by Holly Lyons recently and it was such a fantastic experience. Holly’s extensive knowledge of script writing matched with the skill of articulating the importance of conflict and drama to move the story engine forward was invaluable. We are now in a really good place to dive into the pilot script. In addition to her professional prowess, Holly brings a bright upbeat vibe to the room, keeping things moving with great pace, but with a lightness that is very important during the remote / zoom writing experience.


Holly was amazing in helping me with my series concept and pilot episode. She gives great insight and I would definitely work with her again!


Screenwriting Scriptease is a fantastic resource. Holly has done reviews on my Scripts, and Pitch Bibles. I have also attended a number of her courses in person and on-line. Holly always delivers beyond my expectations and lifts my skills considerably. Always great value, I highly recommend Holly’s services


Holly knows what she’s talking about. She gives good practical advice that’s presented in an easy-to-understand fashion. It’s not broad or vague and her examples are clear and concise. She makes good screenwriting look achievable.


Holly helped me with the first draft of a novel which I was considering working up into a screenplay. As a first time novelist I was anxious and apprehensive about this process. Holly was a champion, her pragmatic approachable manner in our zoom meetings coupled with her erudite and comprehensive written appraisal has given me an incredibly useful platform from which to proceed. As well as her sensitivity and wealth of experience she also provided me with mentorship in terms of several templates to apply to my process.

Do I recommend her….Hell yes!!!


Holly’s detailed and supportive approach, to both script assessment and teaching, is excellent. Working with Holly has helped me to see the potential in my projects and she has given me more confidence to move forward as a writer. She has also armed me with practical and constructive feedback to tackle the flawed aspects of my stories and she has provided guidance to make my writing more believable and compelling. Thank you, Holly : ) Highly recommended.