Create a Show in 7 Days

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You think you have what it takes to create a television series?

Prove it.

Your challenge is to devise an original drama in 7 days.

Step One: Attend an online Zoom workshop that will give you the tools and key ingredients required to create a television series. It’s a good idea to collaborate with a partner.

At the end of the session, you will be issued with a challenge: to devise a television series in 7 days.

Next, you will be allocated with a genre; format; character limit and audience demographic.

Step Two: attend an online Zoom session where you pitch your new series. What this space for the announcement of our industry guest!

Your industry needs you to be creative under pressure, do you have what it takes?


I loved how focused the first session was. The presentation was so clear and Holly played great examples to underline each of her points. As someone completely new to screenwriting, I was quite intimidated by the pitching process, but I really appreciated the positive, supportive atmosphere that Holly created; and was so impressed at how quickly she was able to understand, assess and provide feedback on our pitches live. I learned a lot from this workshop and would definitely be interested in doing more if they are offered. I really loved the opportunity to pitch in a partnership and this was probably my favourite part. It meant I got to forge a new connection – obviously critical in this industry. Networking can be awkward but having a task to do together on a deadline gets rid of all of those negative associations, and it’s really fun. This workshop is a brilliant learning/networking opportunity – thanks Holly, looking forward to more

I really enjoyed envisaging a new show. I really loved the story that we imagined and I like that I now have a new idea for a show to go forward with. I also really enjoyed hearing all of the different pitches from the other participants. Overall the course was really well thought out, delivered and resourced. It was a really valuable learning and working experience.

I enjoyed having the parameters set, it made it easy to brain storm ideas but was broad enough that everyone came up with different imaginative takes

The discussion about what makes a TV show in the first session was really useful, but I really loved hearing everyone’s pitches. It was super inspiring to see how many amazing ideas came out of just one week’s work.

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