Intermediate Plotting Skills

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Holly is often required to plot shows home alone – mainly for low budget projects who can’t afford a writers’ room. She will share how she manages to craft a character driven stories in isolation. It’s HARD!

    • Further develop the concept of story spring boards; thematic links and cliffhangers.
    • Using an existing Australian drama, be guided through the steps of how to plot an episode.
    • Using a plotting template, ensure your episode idea has unique reversals and escalations.
    • Explore foreboding and Superior Knowledge: and how to use them to the best advantage.

Perfect for participants who have already completed Scripteaser KEY PLOTTING SKILLS but not essential.

Holly will take you through techniques, tips, hints and short cuts when it comes to plotting television drama. Using an exisiting television series, the class will mirror a writers’ room environment, and implement Holly’s plotting techniques in a practical format.

Using a half hour narrative television series, we will mirror a writers’ room.

HOMEWORK: Implement and apply these plotting skills:

Each participant will be asked to use these plotting techniques to craft their own beat outline, for the selected television series. The challenge is to echo the tone and style of the series. Participants will deliver their beat outlines for one on one feedback on zoom.

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