My Secrets to Writing Serial Drama


Learn from a current in house Script Editor at Home and Away.

This workshop aims to give participants the skills and knowledge on how to tackle writing for established dramas.

  • How can you adapt your unique voice to suit the established tone?
  • How can you meet the demanding deadlines?
  • How on earth can they plot 5 half hours in a week, let alone shoot them… ?

You will:

  • Discuss how the soap machine works. Covering continuity and characters’ voices. Discuss how it is possible to plot impressive content in a short space of time.
  • Examine the point of scene, is every scene moving the story forward?
  • Analyse 3-4 scenes from plot notes. What are the key elements you need to include? How do the drafts change at each stage?
  • You will be issued with a challenge, to write a selection of practice scenes, using sample plot notes from an already broadcast episode.
  • The following week, participants will deliver their scenes for one on one feedback. These meetings will be arranged according to individual schedules.

Please note: This is an educational exercise and is in no way connected to recruitment. In her role, your lecturer is not responsible for hiring new writers.

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