Nail your Pilot’s Structure in 14 days


Do you find it hard to generate story ideas in isolation?
Do you work better to deadlines?
Want some help structuring your episode?

This is a tailored course designed for writers who have a strong idea for an original series, but are struggling to craft a powerful story for their pilot episode.

Across the course of 14 days, writers will benefit from three one on one zoom sessions; deadlines which hold them accountable; as well as feedback from professional script editor, Holly Lyons.

The one-on-one zoom sessions will be run like a professional writers’ room. Holly will give feedback, story suggestions and help you develop your premise, theme and protagonist.

At the end of this intensive course, writers will have a strong scene breakdown they are proud of. They will feel confident to move forward to draft stage.

Please note: participants are required to complete homework.

All sessions are one on one; on Zoom; 60min each, exact times will be decided between writer & Holly


Session One:

Pitch your premise to Holly and identify strengths and weaknesses. Focus on the protagonist’s flaw. Discuss story areas.

HOMEWORK: Generate 80 story spring boards

Session Two: Writers’ Room

Discuss your story spring boards and identify which ones to incorporate into your pilot episode.

HOMEWORK: Deliver draft beat outline

Session Three: Writers’ Room

Discuss the beat outline and identify ways to improve and strengthen the plot points.


Please note: This course is not suitable for Feature Films.

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